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Terms & Conditions

General information on making online purchases.

  1. Order
    • – Client make the order via automatically system. Add modules in cart, insert all contact
      and shipping information, include email and phone number, and accept this condition.
      After payment you will receive the copy of your order.
    • – If you want to cancel the order, you can do it automatically – click “Cancel” button in the
      copy of your order, or contact us via email
    • – You can cancel the order after payment too – you should to contact us via email
  2. Payment
    • – We can accept
      • * Bank transfer – if you want to pay via bank transfer, you should to contact us and you
        will recieve all instructions for payment.
      • * PayPal – if you want to pay via paypal, you should to contact us and we
        will send to you the proforma for payment via PayPal.
      • * CardPay – paid card can be performed using the virtual terminal Card Pay. Accepted cards
        VISA, VISA Electron, MASTERCARD, Maestro a Diners Club. You can use these cards issued
        by any bank in any country in the world. The first step is to fill in the order form,
        where you specify your personal data and confirm the type and number of the ordered goods
        / services. Each order must contain: contact person, phone number, the exact description
        of the goods, number of pieces and the method of payment, as well as other data, but not
        data on the map! After pressing Knock “pay” will redirect to the page of Tatra Bank,
        which are set in a secure environment map data is confirmed by the amount of payment
        in EURO
      • * Sberbank – if you want to pay via Sberbank card, you should to contact us and you
        will recieve all instructions for payment.
      • * Yandex.Money – if you want to pay via Yandex.Money, you should to contact us and you
        will recieve all instructions for payment.
  3. Terms of delivery and payment, the seller’s obligations
    • – Proccess your order soon 24 hours. If the order has been paid via bank transfer, then it must
      be paid within three working days after ordering. Only after confirmation of payment product
      will be shipped to the specified address .
    • – Send the invoice to the customer email soon 24 hours after payment.
    • – Send all information about customer account to customer email soon 24 hours after payment.
    • – Seller is not responsible for the delivery parcels, incorrect use of the key and the
      difficulty encountered when installing the software on the user’s computer.
    • – Send usb-dongle to the customer shipping address soon 3 working days.
  4. Terms of delivery and payment, buyer agrees
    • – Pay the agreed amount.
    • – Download the ESS Software and user manual from ESS Forum.
    • – Get the usb-dongle and use it under a license agreement.
  5. Complaints
    • Complaint accept – via email
    • Guarantee – for all goods and services covered by the legally established 24-month warranty,
      unless otherwise specified in the contract of sale.
    • Method of refund – refund is made by the same method, how payment was made, unless the user
      specifies another method
  6. Payments, Refunds and Paypal policy
    • – The following payment options are available to you in our shop:
    • – PayPal
      You can pay the invoice amount via the online payment provider PayPal. You must already be registered there or complete registration, identify yourself with your login details and confirm your payment instruction to us (with the possible exception of guest access). Further information is available when ordering.
      As a result of our Refund policy (see below), you will abstain from any Paypal refund claim.
    • – Refund policy
      Since our Website offers non-tangible, irrevocable goods we do not provide refunds after the product is purchased, which you acknowledge prior to purchasing any product on the Website. Please make sure that you’ve carefully read product description before making a purchase..