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When you buy the dongle with one or more modules - license for first year include in this price

License start in day - when you get the dongle with your first purchase

License date cannote be change

When you buy another modules after some time - license date does't change

You will receieve the message in software before one month on expire date of license

If you will not pay - software will stop working in expire date

Every user have 3 months after expire date to renew yours account

If account was not renew soon 3 months after expire date - account will fully removed and cannot be restore

If after more than 3 months after expire date customer will want to renew the license - he must to make the purchase of modules again, not pay the license

We don't make the discount for license

License cannot be in promo or sales. Price for license cannot be change

If user sell solutions into web - forums, emails,skype, other websites - license will be remove for all modules

Price of license depends the count of the modules

If user sell his dongle to another customer - license date doesn't change. Registration price for new customer - 100 euro.