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100% working solutions

All decisions, that at the moment are presented in the program are 100% working guarantee. Our customers can participate in testing solutions. For questions about testing, please contact file support.

All solutions tested on real cars

All solutions are developed and tested on real cars. Each of which was in test operation. And only after a thorough check and confidence in the work of the decision, it was added to the program.We guarantee high quality of the proposed program-making.


Constant updating and supplementation solutions

In order to improve software quality, we are constantly making additions and changes to their solutions. The world is not worth not suit. Constant expansion of the list of supported engine control units, expanding the range of solutions for ways to modernize

File service of the ORI files

Our online service offers original files for all brands of cars. You can download the files that you need. The number of files is constantly increasing. We try to make everything work to our customers was the most convenient and fast. File service of the ORI files here.


More than 15 systems available to remove – DPF, EGR, CAT, IMMO, AdBlue …

The software supports more than 15 systems to disable. For each software ecu a set of functions is available for removal. On each system are accompanying comments that the user can perform necessary actions after remove.