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What gives me the purchased module?
Produce a quality car repair. Obtain the necessary information and assistance with software and vehicles.
How can I pay for the ordered modules?
There are several methods of payment. For yourself, you can choose the most suitable. bank transfer, cash, Yandex, Sberbank.
How long can I use the purchased modules?
First upgrade license is given for a year. But you can to use them indefinitely pay 500 Euro per year. If the license is not extended, the modules not work and do not have the opportunity to upgrade.
I bought 3 modules, and after half a year 5 yet. How long considered a license?
The start date of the license is considered - the date of purchase usb-dongle. No matter how many units were purchased in the subsequent
I sent the file. Have i wait for a response from the file support?
No. File support doed not respond by email at all, if all good. File will added during 24 hours. If file support has a questions to you, it ask that is nesessary by email.
On what operating systems the ATR Software works?
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 32/64xbit
Does my computer have a permanent internet connection to work with the ESS Software?
Yes, your computer need the permanent internet connection.
I bought another module. How long does it take to activate it?
Module activated immediately after payment. During 10-30 minutes your DB update and you can work.